January 3rd 2019

I don't know about you but I want 2019 to be different that 2018. 

One of the downsides of being a writer is that I have a lot of journal entries from the last 33 years of my life. For the most part 

the journals are tucked away in places that I rarely visit but on some occasions they do get pulled out and read through. Which

has it's fun moments (13 year old Jenny was even more dramatic than my 33 year old self) but it's also annoying. 

Annoying because I can see that I've struggled with the same inner dialect, the same doubts, the same fears for quite literally my

whole life. 

I want that to change. So when I heard of Rachel Hollis' Start Today journal I decided I would jump on board. I didn't actually buy 

the journal (another aspect of being a writer is that EVERYONE gifts you journals so I have plenty lying around. But the main 

features of the journal (I believe) are to envision your life the way you would like it look in 10 years. 

Close your eyes and REALLY imagine it. 

Get specific. What are you wearing, how do you feel, where do you  live, what do you do for work, do you work? 

Then create 10 dreams based on that vision and 1 goal (the idea is to FOCUS). 

I closed my eyes and really tried to envision my ideal future self. And there 

she was. She was fit, healthy, and so happy with a baby on her hips and a

toddler at her feet. We were dancing the living room and the visions went 

from there. 

I then thought about what would make the woman I saw that happy and 

created a list of 10 dreams to focus on. 10 things that if I gave my attention to

I believe my future self would thank me for. 

Here are my 10 that I write down every morning. 

1. I am an exceptional wife. 

2. I am a joy filled mom (remember it's who I want to be. I don't have to have kids right now to want to be a joy filled mom in 10 years)

3. I am a successful blogger/podcaster who uses her platform to encourage, teach and restore others. My passion pays our mortgage of $2500 a month. 

4. I am a healthy, fit, strong, woman who feels confident and sexy in her own body. 

5. I invest quality time with friends and family, intentionally spending time with them in the ways they best receive love (this includes Savage). 

6. I am financially abundant and give freely to others. I spend money only on things/experiences that restore myself and others. 

7. I am a homemaker whose home brings restoration to myself, Ryan and all who enter. 

8. I am a strong woman of faith. My faith is the cornerstone of my life. 

9. I own a vacation home in Kauai (hey, it's dream list afterall right? )

10. I recharge outdoors and enjoy activities like kayaking and hiking, using these times to intentionally unplug and just be. 

After you decide on your 10 dreams, you need to determine one goal (remember focus is the key). 

One goal that if achieved could move the needle for you. 

For myself I chose this goal: I weigh 130 pounds

Now, the actual weight might not be a big deal. But for me it was a measurable target. It's also a difficult one for me to achieve. To

achieve this goal I need to be intentional about what I consume and about how I spend my time (aka I need to move my body rather

than binge watch Netflix). And I chose this goal first because as I work to accomplish it I will become a healthier version of myself,

I'll feel more confident, I'll have more energy. In short, if I start with a healthy body I believe the rest will naturally follow.

For more on staying focused in 2019 listen to Episode 32 of the

Vendor's Daughter where Jennifer Calderon shares what being an


Essentialist looks like and how in 2019 we would all be better off to 

make more time to play, to rest, to listen and to explore. 

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