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I'm a wife, a dog mama and completely obsessed with coffee and helping small businesses grow. 

As the 3rd generation at my family's business, I was feeling overwhelmed with ideas of how I wanted to improve the business that has existed since 1978. Other family members didn't quite get my ideas (like the need for an Instagram page) and I was feeling pretty alone. 

So as someone who is addicted to podcasts, I decided to create my own as a way to connect with like minded people, who wanted to geek out on all things business and self-improvement with me. 

TVD was built to create a community of entrepreneurs who were proof that although it would be hard (and tiring) you could build a successful business and have a healthy, happy life outside of work.

I don't believe we were meant to walk this road alone. I believe we are better when we're in community and although balance might be hard (if not impossible) to achieve, together, I believe we can build lives that we're excited to wake up to each day.

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If you're looking to start your own podcast or are looking to improve your podcast reach this is the guide for you.

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Ready to start your own podcast? Need help managing the finances? Looking to scale and not exactly sure how? Find all the resources, training and 1:1 help you need here. 

Take course through The Vendor's Daughter or get connected with one of the amazing experts who have been on the show. 

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Listen in as we interview fellow entrepreneurs who are experts in their field. 

Here we cover everything from marketing, preparing for taxes, growing a sales funnel and then we gently remind you to invest in your health (both physical and mental) first. 

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Shop Small

We love small businesses and are always looking for new ways to support the entrepreneurs who take the time to be on the show. 

Shop small, find the perfect gift for your special someone (even if that someone is yourself) and support the amazing women who are creating brands worth knowing.

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The Vendor's Daughter Cover October 2019
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I definitely have a love/hate relationship with Instagram, in short "it's complicated." But...whether you love it or hate it, Instagram is an incredible tool to help gain brand awareness. Download my favorite Instagram apps to help make your feed beautiful and slightly less frustrating. And since you're here, don't forget to follow along @thevendorsdaughter

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My favorite

Instagram appps

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