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I LOVE coffee! It's a true point of joy in my life and arguably I'm a better person because of it. 

Because I'm lucky enough to have married a man who loves coffee ALMOST as much as I do, finding great coffee in the Bay Area (home) as well as on our travels is a pretty big part of our routine.


On this page you'll find a list of coffee houses we recommend, along with ratings for each on things like: ambiance, available pastries, friendliness and quality of roast. 


Things to also note: Ryan and I are big on the third wave roasters, we typically like lighter roasts and we are REALLY particular about the type of pastry we enjoy. In other words, take our opinions with a grain of salt and go try out these shops for yourself if you're in the area. 


California is home for us, so it's definitely where we drink the most coffee. Not only that but it's arguably home to some of the best coffee houses and roasters in the world. Because of that we broke the state up into three sections and are giving it the most retail on this page. Please forgive our bias and trust us when we say for some of the best coffee you'll ever drink, make sure you come to the San Francisco Bay. 




Not including california

Again, California gets more real estate because it's what we know best. If you have a coffee shop you love in your home state please let us know! We'd love to stop by the next time we're in town OR fly out just for coffee. #weflyforcoffee 







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