Season 1 of The Vendor's Daughter

When I look back on Season 1 I almost want to delete it. I can hear the poor sound quality, here the nerves in my own voice.

But every time I go to delete it I remind myself that rather than listening for the imperfections I should hear a girl who knew she wanted to pursue something and moved forward even though she was unsure, I should hear the voices of people who love me allowing me to practice my interview skills on them, and I should feel gratitude for the busy entrepreneurs who took time from their day to meet with someone as green as me.


So, rather than delete this first season, I'll cherish it.  

Episode #013

Finding Balance Outside the Traditional 9 to 5, Creating a Superb Customer Experience and Doing What Excites You with No Guarantee with Joanna Misunas of Sojourn Box

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Episode #012

Growing a Side Hustle into a Career, Being Comfortable with The Unknown & Embracing Your Full Self with Sarah Hoag of Sarah Hoag Photography

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Episode #011

Reducing Food Waste & Building Something That Matters with Grant Carlson, CEO of Ugly Juice

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Episode #010

Gratitude, Using Grit to Grow Your Business & Defining Success with Garrett Lamb of Garrett's Granola

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Episode #009

Working with Siblings, Having a Common Goal and The Grit of Hospitality with The Galant Family 

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Episode #008

Growing with a Family Business, Surrounding Yourself with Quality People and Being a Woman in Business with Ashley Karpan

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Episode #007

Making Old Things New, Helping Vendors Invest in Their future & Learning to Treat Family Members Better than Customers with Ryan Garson

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Episode #006

Making Biscotti, Using the Right Tools to Build Your Business & The Importance of Exercising Paired with Good Wine with Marlo Giudice

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Episode #005

Why I Started The Vendor's Daughter (podcast) and Accepting Imperfect with Jennifer Calderon

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Episode #004

Working Abroad, Supporting Community Change, Starting a Cafe and Prioritizing Family with Shannon & Pablo Killebrew

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Episode #003

Home Brew, Good Food & Balancing Work & Life as a Single Dad with Aaron Kidd

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Episode #002

38 Years of Marriage, Working with Your Spouse & Family Business with Joel & Brenda Skidmore

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Episode #001

Cooking, Yosemite & Married LIfe with Ryan Calderon

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