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Episode 26 of The Vendor's Daughter

Are you sick of taking two steps forward, only to take two steps back. If you're putting in a lot of effort with limited rewards it may be time to look at what you need to let go of (i.e things, people, thoughts or feelings that no longer serve you and your dreams).

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Episode goes live on Thursday September 19th 2018. 

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Kim and Whit treated us to a free night stay at Camp Lucy and we LOVED it! 

We stayed in the honeymoon suite (so romantic!) but were given a tour of the remaining rooms and they're all fabulous. Each room has unique details from Kim and Whit's travels and beautiful views of the surrounding property. 

My favorite touches were the hammock on our patio (we fell asleep that night under the Texas sky) and the fire circle just outside the main office. 

From what I can tell Camp Lucy is the perfect Hill County getaway, corporate event retreat or wedding destination and  equally great for couples or families. 

I hope you stay and if you are lucky enough to visit make sure you tell them we miss theme very day!

Book Your Stay at Camp Lucy

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