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Episode 28 of The Vendor's Daughter

Fall has officially arrived! Which if you're anything like me means that

you are beyond ready for the holiday season. I LOVE IT!

I also LOVE giving gifts! Something that I found out in Episode #016

of the show is part of being a Scorpio. 

I typically have a difficult time deciding what to get as gifts, I end up over thinking it, putting too much pressure on myself and then strip myself of the fun. However, this year is different. Why?


Because we have had some pretty incredible people on the show this season, incredible people who are making some beautiful things,beautiful things that could make AMAZING and unique gifts this holiday season. 

I know EXACTLY what I'm getting everyone this year. So I thought I would share what I'm giving the women in my life this year and  hopefully take some of the stress away from you while also saying thank you to the founders of these brands. 

This episode is dedicated to the entrepreneurs who have given their time to the show to share their journey and to the products they've created. 

Click the image to right to get the PDF Gift Guide OR keep scrolling for quick links to the featured products. 

1 (2).png



Made in San Francisco Ca,Metta Good is a lip balm that is good for the body and good for the environment.

It took 2 years for Nicole Spear to perfect her balm's recipe before she decided it was ready for market. 

You can feel the patience and attention to detail with every swipe across  your lips. 

Buy 1 to 2 balms for stocking stuffers. Can't decide which one? I HIGHLY recommend Rose Cardamom. "think chai with a subtle hint of rose."

If you're looking for a gift to put under the tree, you can buy a gift set (pictured right) which 

combines all 4 lip balms in one beautiful drawstring package. 


Also made in San Francisco Ca, Ryan and I first discovered this aromatherapy spray at yoga class, when the instructor sprayed it on all the yogis' wrists after class. 
EVERYONE loved it and wanted to know what it was called. She laughed when she told us the name, which in itself is a reason to buy it. Even better, it's very soothing (we spray in on our pillows before bed). 
Spray once and allow the smells of lavender and frankincense to soothe you, spray twice if you're feeling particularly bitchy.
Buy just the spray, the roll on or the natural oil blend for a perfect stocking stuffer, that's sure to soothe and get some laughs.
For your extra bitchy friend, aka your best friend who would LOVE the scent and the name, you can get the full gift set, so she's prepared for any situation at home or on the go.



In my house, every stocking gets a book (it's always my favorite part). But whether you put it in a stocking or wrap it under the tree, Girl, Wash Your Face is the perfect gift for the woman in your life who loves to read, is looking to laugh while she improves herself on this journey called life. 

Rachel Hollis goes into the lies women tell themselves and how those lies can be overcome to help women lead their best, most authentic lives.

From sex to raising children, being a working mom and pursuing your dreams, nothing is off the table. This is a MUST read for all women. If you haven't read it, buy it as a gift to yourself. 

P.s. I know Rachel Hollis has not been on the show but this book has been a big influence in my life and therefore in the life of the show.


Give the gift of understanding to your loved ones this holiday season with a beautifully cast astrology wheel (or a custom coffee table book, if you want a wheel made for everyone in your family [see right]).
When Ryan and I received our wheel from Practically Magic Co. with our individual summaries it was an eye opener and seriously a marriage therapist. 
I thought Ryan was too critical of me, but when I read his Virgo description I realized attention to details matter A LOT to him, not because he's OCD but because he was made a certain way. And i'm not "too" emotional, I'm a Scorpio, I was born this way. 
Understanding who we were created to be as individuals has seriously helped us navigate our relationship. It's also helped me accept and appreciate who I am, b the good and game planning against what could be perceived as bad. 
It's seriously like magic!
If you know your friend or family member loves astrology but are looking for something a little less personalized, opt instead for one of these beautiful stationary kits. 


Made in Berkeley Ca, by power couple Therese Agnew and Jake Chevedden, Mosswood Whiskey is a perfect gift, stocking stuffer or hostess present for anyone in your life this holiday season, because who doesn't love getting whiskey as a gift? 
If you just answered, "my friends don't drink whiskey." then you're in luck because Mosswood recently added Rum to their offerings. 

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