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Choosing Perseverance Over Perfection and Regaining Your Childlike Spirit


Episode 42 of The Vendor's Daughter

Listen and be inspired as you learn how to regain your childlike spirit in an adult driven world.


Justin lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and is a filmmaker, author and owner of his own media company.  He works at Hope City Church in Edmonton as the media director and has attended many summer camps where he has been both music director and counselor. He has also recently recorded an audio version of his book which will be available soon on Amazon Audible.


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The topics that will be discussed in today’s episode are:

  1. The difference between being childish and childlike.

  2. Why it’s important to incorporate play into your work so it feels a little less like work.

  3. What are you allowing into your life?

  4. Stress and how to delegate it.

  5. Creating an accountability force field for pursuing your dreams.

  6. Choosing perseverance over perfection. 


Justin has a passion for helping people pull out their inner childlike heart while living out the life Jesus has called them to.  “The Childlike Heist” was inspired from his camp counseling days where he took the wonder and awe of children experiencing camp and compared it to adults who have mostly lost that sense of wonder in life.  Justin wants to bring back that childlike spirit for adults to dream big and be goal driven while living an anxiety and worry free life.


Childlike Vs. Childish

Justin breaks down the differences of having a childlike heart and being childish.  He references Peter in the Bible when he talks about putting away childish ways and growing up.   This does not necessarily mean that adults can’t have dreams, be in wonder and awe of life or live a worry/anxiety free life.  He explains how it’s all about the mindset.


Incorporating Play Into Work

Justin makes sure he always has a job that allows his creativity to flourish. He loves to incorporate play into his work and believes that since children are able to be creative in a healthy and relaxed manner adults should too.


What Are You Allowing Into Your Life?

He references chapter 4 of his book explaining the difference of fear and faith and the sad truth that fear affects so many people.  This is the biggest common enemy with mankind. He strongly believes that fear must be annihilated in order to be successful.


Stress And How To Delegate It

We learn about the importance of delegating tasks and using time wisely.  This simple step in life may be time consuming at the start but saves so much time and stress in the long run.   Justin dives into how he refuses to live in stress and why he never allows anxiety to dictate his life.  He explains the importance of reciting positive affirmations and what kind of outlook this has allowed him to have on life.   


Creating An Accountability Force Field For Pursuing Your Dreams

Engaging in community is Justin’s biggest advice when times get hard.  He dives into the importance of allowing community into your life and believes in the power of sharing his dreams.  Once you share those dreams it forces you to be accountable to follow through on what you said you would do.


Choosing Perseverance over Perfection

Everyone needs a Jedi master (mentor)! Justin encourages his listeners to never give up and never stop trying.  He warns us about the dangers of comparison and reminds us that the only competition that counts is competing against ourselves.  



The War of Art – Steven Pressfield 
Start  - John Acuff

Finish  - John Acuff

Wishcraft - Barbara Sher and Annie Gottlieb

The Obstacle Is The Way - Ryan Holiday

The Dragon’s Fire – Christine Stovie


You can find Justin’s book “The Childlike Heist” and Connect with him at the following resources:



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