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Following a Business Plan and Using Your Data Story to Grow Your Business


Episodes 61 of The Vendor's Daughter

Elizabeth Giannuzzi Co-Founded Siren Snacks with her sister in 2016. Since then they've launched additional product lines, expanded their reach, received backing from Kellogg's and are getting ready to launch in roughly 500 Target stores across the country. 

In our interview, Elizabeth shares how being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition led her to a plant-based diet. Looking for a protein snack to keep her fueled throughout the day, she couldn't find exactly what she was looking for in the existing market and that's when Elizabeth and her sister got to work experimenting on a homemade protein snack that was good for you but felt like a treat. 


A project for a class on entrepreneurship in business school led to creating a business plan around these homemade snacks. When her brand was voted best product at the end of the class by Silicon Valley investors, Elizabeth gained the confidence she needed to start seriously considering moving her brand from a class project to a real business. 


In addition to learning about how Siren Snacks was born, in this episode we'll also discuss:

  • what it looks like to continually improve your product

  • the strategic picking of flavors to appeal to the mainstream market

  • the importance of creating a business plan and using it as your North Star

  • what it means to have a strategy but also be flexible

  • adjusting based on feedback from customers

  • the importance of relationships in business

  • what it means to have a Data Story and what it looks like to pair that with your personal story to win investors

  • why you should have a channel strategy

  • what a pitch slam is

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My favorite flavor is Lemon Poppyseed! 

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