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Improve Your Ability to Follow Through & Decide What's Important

Jennifere Calderon

Episode 72 of The Vendor's Daughter

In Episode 72 of The Vendor's Daughter we talk about eh 4 negative side effects of what happens when we don't follow through on our commitments, promises or word. 

1. You're perceived as a flake (by others and yourself)

2. Lowered self-esteem

3. Burnout - unfinished projects stacked on top of each other are exhausting

4. Wasted money - investing in something and then not doing the work to see if it was worth the investment is a waste of money

We're also going to go over 4 practical things you can do right now to help improve your follow through rate. 

1. Ask questions

2. Say no

3. List your unfinished projects

4. Prioritize and create a realistic plan 

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Download this free PDF to help you get started following through.


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