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Stop Hitting Snooze on Hard Conversations with Courtney Ramsey

Courtney Ramsey

Episode 73 of The Vendor's Daughter

In Episode 73 of The Vendor's Daughter, Courtney Ramsey, a motivational/keynote speaker with over 15 years of experience helping companies perform with a "do it now" attitude shares why it's important to:

  • Create training programs 

  • Delegate - explaining why a task is important

  • Start with the end in mind

  • Stay visible with your team and your boss in this new work culture

In addition to keynotes, Courtney specializes in creating and facilitating training programs that empower and motivate. She also teaches speakers, authors, and coaches to create their own workshops to share their expertise.

She recently authored her first book, Share Your Genius: 35 Tips to Create Training That Transforms.

For Courtney's 3 tips on staying connected in the new workplace download the info graphic below. Scroll further to listen to the full episode and visit to learn more about Courtney and the great work she's doing. 


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