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Episode 79 of The Vendor's Daughter

In Episode 79 of The Vendor's Daughter we interview Sylvia Tam, Founder of Beviva Foods, a company designed to fuel busy people "on the hop."

Sylvia started Beviva Foods after she was diagnosed with IBD, a disease that attacks with a constant inflammation of the gut. In order to combat this illness she needed better snacking options and Beviva was born. 

Her flagship item was PURPO, a granola that's made from the purple sweet potato and that has the added benefits of being gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and made with no artificial ingredients. 

In addition to sharing the origin story of Beviva, in Episode 79 Sylvia also shares:

  • The health benefits of the purple sweet potato

  • The importance of branding (ESPECIALLY for new companies)

  • The idea that entrepreneurship is a game

  • Why you need to define your purpose, build a playbook and find your community

  • Her go to tools for making her business look bigger than it is

  • Why you need to know your strengths


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