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Episode 19 of The Vendor's Daughter

Missy is the Co-Founder of Haverton Hill Creamery, a creamery in Corning California that specializes is Sheep's milk, butter and ice cream. 

In addition to running a successful creamery with her business partner and husband Joe, Missy is also a mom of three girls and an adventurous home designer (her most recent project was remodeling the 82 year old farm house her and her family live in now). 

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In addition to sharing what it was like to move the creamery while rebuilding their farm house and raising three children,, in this episode also explains why they shut down the dairy side of their operation and why sometimes you need to let go of things (portions of business, other people's opinions/criticisms, saying yes to everything) in exchange for balance and a better way of life. 

In this episode we also cover:

- loving where you live

- learning how to do things yourself in the name of getting it done and saving money

- the difference between sheep's milk and cow's milk

- knowing what to share and what not to share on social platforms

- the importance of sharing your story with your customers

- how difficult hiring employees can be (no one will love your company the way you do)

- learning to be present and time management

- the benefits of allowing your kids to help in your business

- the cost of growth

- the importance of learning to rest

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