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Episode 23 of The Vendor's Daughter

Do you have a hard time trusting other’s to get things done? Do you often think “it will be easier if I just do it myself? Do you feel like you HAVE to do it all?

Girl (and guys if you’re reading) you DO NOT have to do it all.

You were made for a specific purpose, for a specific time and you DO NOT have to do EVERYTHING by YOURSELF.

That thought process is a recipe for disaster and a quick road to burn out.

You have to trust other people and that’s true in both our professional and our personal lives.

Listen to the full episode on itunes or Stitcher with an added bones segment from Kim Hanks, CEO and Co-Founder of Whim Hospitality.


Episode goes live on Wednesday August 5th 2018. 

Or if you just want the 4 tips read below:


1. Hire people who are smarter than you. It’s okay! Love them for being smarter than you, don’t be intimidated by their smarts, after all you are the one who was smart enough to hire them, right?

2. Take your time! I love the concept of “hiring slow and firing fast.” Take your time to get to know someone, have multiple rounds of an application process (maybe start with Indeed, then phone interviews, then in person interviews with more than one member of your existing team if possible or applicable). At J&J we take it one step further and after the interviews ask potential employees to participate in a one week paid trial on the routes, where both trainer and trainee can determine if this is a good fit for both sides future.


3. Make your hiring process unique. Kim Hanks, CEO of Whim Hospitality, describes their hiring process as “intentionally awkward.” During interviews she purposefully shares personal details of her life including her past abusive relationship. Why? She wants to see how potential hires respond. In the events industry Whim Hospitality employees are going to be faced with real life awkward moments, stressed brides and delicate situations, she wants to know that the people she hires can respond with grace and compassion when things get awkward.


4. If possible, hire based on core values rather than skill level. There are a lot of jobs where you can teach someone how you want something done even if they haven’t done it before. This applies more for office work rather than skilled labor or trades but in all areas of business it’s important to hire someone who fits in your company culture.

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Kim and Whit treated us to a free night stay at Camp Lucy and we LOVED it! 

We stayed in the honeymoon suite (so romantic!) but were given a tour of the remaining rooms and they're all fabulous. Each room has unique details from Kim and Whit's travels and beautiful views of the surrounding property. 

My favorite touches were the hammock on our patio (we fell asleep that night under the Texas sky) and the fire circle just outside the main office. 

From what I can tell Camp Lucy is the perfect Hill County getaway, corporate event retreat or wedding destination and  equally great for couples or families. 

I hope you stay and if you are lucky enough to visit make sure you tell them we miss theme very day!

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