Season 3 of The Vendor's Daughter

Like a fine wine we're getting better with age! The home base of The Vendor's Daughter has moved from San Francisco, California to Austin, Texas and now we're interviewing guests from all over the country including some of our favorite Austin businesses. As always, we hope these interviews and solo episodes help you feel more confident in your entrepreneurship journey and confirm that you aren't crazy and you aren't alone. 

Episode #049

Stay Tuned for Our Interview with Island Haus Co. 

Episode #048

Other People's Opinions of You are None of Your Business

Episode #047

Learn from Your Mistakes & Hire Experts with Jennifer Calderon

Episode #046

Collaborate Deliberately & Know Your Target Audience with Lindsay Tramel-Jones of Organized Chaos Design Co

Episode #045

Being a Good Partner & Responding to Customer Feedback with Archit Batlaw of Friendly Flower ATX

Episode #044

Stay the Course with Jennifer & Ryan Calderon

Episode #043

Planning Your Next Adventure with Marshall Rowe, Jim Fitts & John Weeks

Episode #042

Choosing Perseverance Over Perfection & Regaining Your Childlike Spirit with Justin Wiesinger Author of  The Childlike Heist

Episode #041

Going in Blind and Scaling Your Business with Lauren Chew of CompletEats

SS #001

A Lesson Instagram Inspired by a Trip to Waco

Episode #040

Growing a Fan Base and Weighing Opportunity Costs with Iliana Berkowitz of As Kneaded Bakery

Episode #039

Learning to Be Bold and Plan with Jennifer Calderon

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