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Books and Coffee...The New Peanut Butter & Jelly

I have a love affair with coffee. I wake up with it on my mind, check in with it multiple times a day and at night when it's time to part I dream of it until I can have it again.

I recently have had the same passion for books, specifically those of the self-improvement, finding joy in the small things nature.

Books and coffee are a pairing as old as time, perhaps they were the original PB&J, not the new, but as my love for the two have grown in equal correlation I can't help but notice that the rest of the world may be just as in love, if not more in love, with this perfect pair than me.

Check out two great locations from recent travels to Anaheim, CA and Phoenix, AZ that have fueled my recent obsession.

Ink & Bean's Coffee Saloon and Wordshop (155 W Center Street Promenade, Anaheim, CA 92805)

Ryan, my boyfriend, is a great travel companion for many reasons but largely because his passion for great food and great coffee is more intense than mine and his Yelp skills are much stronger. During a recent trip to Anaheim, where we visited our brand new, beautiful niece, he was on the search for a artisan latte and found it here at Ink & Bean, a moody, saloon type location dedicated to coffee and books.

The outdoor patio with a free little library. Take a book, give a book, enjoy the beautiful pairing of an enticing read and a latte.

My favorite touch was the book shelf above the register and pastries.

The Normal Diner (225 E Apahe Blvd, Tempe, AZ 85281)

There are few things I love more than coffee but baseball is definitely up there. I don't want to come across as a poser so let me explain, I love the summer, I love being outside, I love hot dogs, late nights, the 7th inning stretch. Don't ask me about players, statistics, or history around the game I'll have no idea. But I love baseball. Ryan, is a "real" fan so it's our tradition to go to Spring Training every year.

This year we stayed at The Graduate, a hotel across the street of the ASU campus. One of their restaurants is called The Normal Diner, a hip, retro/modern, diner with sliders as Bloody Mary garnishes, waffles for burger buns and books as check holders.

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