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April Favorites

April was one of the best months of my life to date!

I went to Pebble Beach spa, saw Carrie Underwood in concert, had my annual sisters' trip, went to Chicago, GOT ENGAGED, GOT ENGAGED, worked in some local site seeing and learned a few new things.

I thought I would take a few minutes and share with you some of my favorite moments and consequently some of my favorite new things. If you try them I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

1. Pebble Beach Spa - It sounds lavish and I guess it is BUT you get access to the spa for the FULL day no matter what treatment you choose. I absolutely LOVE the water treatment, it involves standing underneath a hot waterfall and letting it massage your back. The treatment itself is less than an hour but for $50 you get the treatment, a full day at the spa (sauna, steam room, relaxation rooms, jacuzzi and snacks).

2. Chicago - The Architectural Tour is amazing. You can tell just by looking at it that Chicago takes architecture seriously but you gain a whole new appreciation for it on the tour. They also provide you with Starbucks coffee and snacks.

3. Chicago - Wrigley Field Aside from getting ENGAGED (did I mention I got engaged?) at Wrigley Field I still believe it's one of the best baseball stadiums, if not THE best stadium in all of MLB. It's intimate, the Chicago dogs are everything you hope they'll be and when you're there you feel like you are part of history.

4. Chicago - The Cubby Bear There are various opinions on the Cubby Bear, a bar across the street from Wrigley. But we loved it! Loud music, lots of fans and lots of drinks it was the perfect place to celebrate after the game, even if the Cubs lost.

5. Mad Oak - A bar in Oakland that serves Grapefruit beer and french fries with Bacon Jam on top. I think I could stop there but they also have a huge menu of things that looked just as delicious as the fries, outdoor seating, those beautiful hipster lights and corn hole. It's a great location, filled with chill people. The cucumber drink in the picture is called Phoebe's bikini, it's so good it may be my signature drink at the wedding.

6. Podcast - The Good Life Project. I spend a lot of time in the car for work and am always looking for new ways to keep me motivated and inspired. The Good Life Project is a great combination of both. Through interviews, round tables and personal reflections, Jonathan Fields touches on all types of topics from how sleep matters to why it's hard not to eat cake when you have too much on your plate (figuratively, not literally).

7. Book - I'm currently reading The Power of Habit and find it to be a very rich balance of entertainment and information. While learning about habits, how they form, how they affect personal lives and business you also learn about Febreeze, NFL teams, Target, Starbucks and why we use toothpaste.

8. New Snack at J&J - Homefree Cookies. I was first introduced to these gems at Expo West this March. We ordered a pallet direct and now these delicious gluten-free, vegan, nut free, whole wheat cookies are my daily afternoon (sometimes mid morning) snack. We carry them in mint, chocolate, chocolate chip but my FAVORITE is the lemon burst!

9. Office Aid- Quip is a living document that allows you to combine content and communication in a single experience. I LOVE it as a new way to communicate with customers. Menus and customer preferences can change on a weekly if not daily basis. Updating Word documents is an increasing waste of time (according to Quip it's 11% time wasted). Quip lets me update menus and chat with customers at the same time. Check it out by clicking on their logo below.

10. New Beverage at J&J - Blue Bottle New Orleans coffee. It's 160 calories of pure pleasure and pairs excellently with my Homefree cookies.

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