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May Favorites

Both personally and professionally May was filled with "news" and "firsts," research" and "plans." New accounts, new shelving for existing accounts, first time my parents met my future in-laws, wedding plans, venue research and most excitingly a very tiny, very precious addition to the J&J family.

It was busy, it was stressful (I can be a little high strung) but it was fun and at times beautiful. Take a look to see some of my favorites from this month.

1. First and foremost I'd like to introduce you to Averie Elizabeth Santana. Born May 8th, Averie is a bundle of joy. We are so blessed to have her dad, Jose Santana, as our Route Supervisor and so grateful that Santana and his Queen, Veronica, let us be a part of their lives. Averie we LOVE YOU!

2. Wine Tasting in Templeton, CA - For our wedding we are seriously considering a winery in Templeton, CA (where Ryan was raised). As part of our exploration we tasted some great wines along the way. Highly recommend checking out:

Ancient Peaks Winery

3. Dark Nectar Roasters - Friday morning both of Ryan's parents had to work so we did one of our favorite past times, ran for coffee. We ran to downtown Templeton where an old friend of Ryan's had opened his own coffee shop. In true Jenny fashion I ordered a drip brew and in true Ryan fashion he ordered a latte. Both were delicious. In addition to a great cup of coffee, you can also watch the coffee get roasted, and Paul is happy to explain the different roasts.

4. Kitchenette - Ryan and I were only planning on grabbing a cup of coffee on our way home from his parents house. But much like if you give a mouse a cookie, when you give us coffee we tend to want something to eat with it. Our barista recommended Kitchenette and we were so glad we followed through on his suggestion. The food was delicious and the whole place felt very farm to table cool.

5. When we weren't busy eating or venue shopping I swear actual work got done. One of my favorite things about this month was the opportunity to give one of my favorite customers a face lift. Check out our new shelving from Robelan. If you're a customer interested in this shelving let me know. What you can't see is the custom logo on the top. My favorite part? The built in tray to catch any spillage from the bulk containers.

6. New J&J Snack - Chia Pods. I'm sorry I can't help it. It's hot outside and I'm looking for something to cool me down and fill me up while also helping me feel ready to go wedding dress and swim suit shopping. Dark Cacao is my easy go to.

7. New Book - Essentialism easily explains why you should say no to things. As an over doer and chronic nonessentialist I have found this book incredibly therapeutic. It has not only made me feel like I'm not alone in my inability to say no and in my fear of missing out but has given me hope that there is a better way. Looking forward to diving in more this month as part of our Bay Area Breakroom Bookclub but here's a quick overview of what I've learned so far:


- thinks of things as "I have to"

- believes everything is important

- believes they can do both

As a result they put a lot of energy into a lot of things but make minimal progress in all. See image below.


- thinks of things as "I choose to"

- believes only a few things really matter

- believes they can do anything but they can't do everything

As a result an Essentialist will put a lot of energy in to one or a few select things and will reap larger rewards/greater satisfaction in that one area. See image below.

My final favorite this month is my family. The older I get the more I realize just how lucky I am to have a family who shows up for each other. Who drives to look at wedding venues 3 hours south when wine country is in our backyard. (Shout out to mom and dad). Who takes you to the airport or gives you the center seat even though you were boarding group C and he was boarding group A (shout out to Alvin). Who actively support the idea of being wild and free (shout out to Vic) Who welcomes you in to their home and to their family because you love their son (shout out to Calderons). Who make you glad you get to come back home (shout out to Ryan).

Who taught me the idea of work hard, play hard. Shout out to my mom and dad (again) who worked every one of this month's installs with me and our team. Who still get on their hands and knees to make sure the floor shines when our install crew leaves.

Who teach me what it means to be dedicated. Shout out to a brother-in-law who just retired after 26 years in the Navy and to my sister who supported him for 21 of those 26 years.

A friend of mine (the mother of the adorable Averie) reminded me today that "the most important thing about a wedding is making two lives in to one. All the flowers, food, venue, etc. come last."

Veronica, I don't think you need to read Essentialism. I think you already understand it.

I think in the craziness of life I can forget what really matters. All of the favorites don't mean anything without the right people to share them with. Thank you to amazing friends, family members and co-workers who choose to share your life with me. Thank you for being the ones I wouldn't want to live without.

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