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Lessons from Egg McMuffins

Today is the 2nd Tuesday of the month which means it's our monthly safety meeting. At the meetings we go over everything from driving in the rain to proper ways of lifting and bring in a hot breakfast for the crew. Sometimes we make it at home, sometimes we cook it at the shop and some days (days like today) we just pick it up from McDonald's.

I'm not an early morning person so when the alarm goes off at 4 a.m. my body doesn't respond well. It typically doesn't respond at all except to hit the snooze. So this morning, in true Jenny fashion, I was running late.

In a last ditch effort to bring breakfast and arrive on time, I called the only McDonald's I knew was open 24 hours by our office to see if they could take my order in advance so it would be ready for pick up in 15 minutes.

I ordered 20 hash browns and 20 Egg McMuffins.

They said no problem, asked if I needed any beverages and said they would see me soon.

When I got there I was the only customer in line and thought "wow, I might actually make it on time."

When I pulled in to the drive-thru the voice on the other end of the speaker asked if I was Jennifer.

I said yes.

They then said that although they had made my hash browns they hadn't made the sandwiches.

When I asked why they explained that that many eggs would have been too big of a waste (i.e. if I hadn't shown up).

They then asked if that was okay and that it would take 5-10 minutes.

I said yes (after a bit of a pout) but what I wanted to say was no.

If they had told me over the phone that it was too much of a waste liability I would have offered to give them a credit card over the phone, ordered a meal without an egg (hello pancakes, hello sausage mcmuffin), or opted to go somewhere else (like the donut shop that has ham and cheese croissants ready to go).

And if I opted to do none of the above I could have at least informed the crew that I was going to be late ahead of time.

By not communicating correctly with me, McDonald's prohibited me from being about to communicate properly with my team. By hiding key facts they didn't let me make the best decision for my morning. And they left me with cold hash browns.

The guys got their breakfast before leaving the road and we postponed the safety meeting ( a discussion on getting enough sleep) to this Thursday in correlation with a company BBQ. So all is well that ends well but it did make me think again on the extreme importance of communicating with our customers. About sharing the good the bad and the ugly with them so that they can communicate properly with the people they report to.

Because ultimately no one wants egg in their face. And if you want to feed a lot of people McDonald's in the morning, you might not want egg on your sandwich.

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