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New Peg Items

At J&J one of my jobs is to help decide what items go in the markets. For research I often patrol the snack aisles or places like Target and Whole Foods. Today I am excited to announce the arrival of a new item for us that you too have probably seen at Costco.

The new improved line of NatureBox!

Although there were lots of flavors to choose from we do have limited space. Here are our four favorites.

Why do we love them?

1. They're affordable

2. They're all natural

3. They're peg items (something REALLY hard to fill in the market)

If you're one of our customers go visit your market this week and celebrate their arrival with us. If you aren't one of our customers, don't worry. These gems can be found at your local Target too.

#naturebox #healthysnack #micromarket

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