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At J&J we are sooo excited that CK has launched a mobile app for our customers!

On launch days employees always want to know why they should register a CK card instead of just using their credit/debit cards.

I didn't always have a convincing argument to sway them but now, with the CK Mobile App, I do!

With this app (free from itunes and Google Play) employees can manage their CK account from the convenience of their phone. With the app they can upload money and pay with their mobile device (no need to carry around a CK card now), they can manage their account and now for the first time EVER we are able to offer promotions and loyalty rewards!

Free Poptarts? Why wouldn't you download/use the app?

For all of our customers, click the photo below to download the must recently updated New Hire form. This form consolidates a couple of the previous pdfs we've sent you into one nice sheet you can hand out either to new hires or to existing employees you think would enjoy the app.

If your a CK operator out there feel free to download and use for your customers as well.


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