License to Drive!

On September 15th our crew spent the day getting OSHA Forklift approved. We spent the morning in "class" and the afternoon on the forklift. When we received our licenses/certifications we played Vitamin C's 'Graduation" and smiled for the camera.

On November 3rd, almost two months after our training the day finally happened where a delivery arrived after our receiving hours and I was the only one at the office certified to use the forklift.

When I saw the truck pull up to our building I thought "of course! of course this would happen today." I was already upset because of issues going on at one of our accounts. I was a bad song stuck on repeat; the song's lyrics stringing out all of my failures,

I didn't want to operate the forklift because I was afraid of failing, of giving the song in my head enough new material to write another verse.

However, I also really wanted what was on the truck. So with the support of the delivery guy, one of our driver's (thank you Eddie) and our office staff (thank you Ashley and Yasmin) I got on the forklift and inched my way ever so slowly towards the pallet on the back of the truck (the video posted here is not an accurate portrayal of events).

The pallet and all its goods made it safely inside the warehouse, no damage was done to the building and no one got hurt.

It was a success. It was a victory on a bad day.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "do one thing every day that scares you." I'd like to second that. Silence the naysayers (even if the naysayers are the voices in your own head). Be your own hero.

Thank you Turner Safety for a great day of training!

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