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Fake It til You Make It

As a small business owner (well kind of small and kind of owner) it can be difficult to have the time and the resources to market, promote and manage the business in a competitive and engaging way. I don't have a marketing team, I don't have any coding skills, I don't have an MBA and like all of us I'm short on time.

That said, over the years, I've learned to depend on a few resources to help me look like I have it more together than I feel, in other words to help me fake it til I make it.

Here are a few of my favorites and why I love them:


Wix is the platform I used to build both our existing website,, and this blog. Prior to Wix I tried Wordpress and Squarespace. I hear lots of people say lots of wonderful things about these websites however, I hated them both. Again, I know no coding. I can barely get my iphone or my printer to work most days.

I was up late one night in tears because I couldn't figure out Squarespace, a website that was supposed to be for people who didn't understand coding. I was frustrated and feeling incredibly stupid when I found Wix.

Here at last was a language I understood. It was simple and guided me through the entire process (i.e. "This is a block. Include an engaging quote here.).

With Wix, I am able to update my website as often as I want and enjoy the creation process.


I used to use Adobe. And then I switched computers and lost my software. When I went to renew I didn't have it in the budget (quite frankly I think Adobe lost their minds). When a friend told me about, I logged on and was hooked immediately. Canva is a FREE online creation website that helps you create presentations, social media posts, blog graphics, email headers, etc.

At J&J I use Canva for monthly review presentations, web graphics, display signs, flyers for employees, etc. Here are some examples:


Earlier this year I had a presentation at a large company, a company that I very much wanted to impress. I knew I would be speaking in front of a panel and wanted to be as engaging as possible. That said when it came time to create my presentation, PowerPoint seemed a little blah. I went searching for something less blah and found With Emaze you can custom make presentations with animation and easily share online.

I've embedded the file here for you to see. Out of respect to our confidentiality agreement I've removed all branding that was done for the customer (aka if things seem like they are missing it's because they are).


Everyone at the office has an opinion on the snacks provided. Whether it's free or they're charged they all want a say. SurveyMonkey has made it easy for us to compile the opinions of the masses. With easy to share links to surveys and a system that compiles the data for me, all I have to do is create a survey (super simple process), share a link and then the share the information with our customers (they offer the information in excel and pdf formats).

Okay, that's it. Those are my 4 go to life hacks for faking it at marketing until I can hire a real Marketing Director. Hope it helps. If you have any favorite resources please share!

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