My job is fun. I get to spend a lot of time outside of the office meeting with customers, making deliveries and...shopping.

We get a lot of our organizational equipment for our pantry accounts from one of my favorite stores, The Container Store.

Although I LOVE this store based on organizing one's life, organized is not a descriptive word most people who know me would use to describe Jennifer Skidmore.

That said it isn't that uncommon to find me at the Container Store late at night loading up my car for an install the next day (One of Ryan and I's first dates was actually a trip to the Container Store on a Sunday afternoon. We pushed carts filled with product down the cobblestone sidewalks of Walnut Creek so that I would make a Monday deadline. I should have known then that I was going to marry him).

Because I spent so much time at the Container Store I kept seeing a book "Uncontainable," written by Kip Tindell, their CEO near the front checkout. I can only resist books for so long before they leave my wish list and enter my shopping cart so it didn't take too many visits before the book was mine.

When I read, I write. I write in the margins, I write in the blank pages between chapters and on the insides of back/front cover pages. Writing helps me remember what I read and it helps me process the information. When I read "Uncontainable" I wanted to remember it all. I loved this conscious capitalist take on business and how candidly Kip shares the 7 Foundation Principles of his business.

Although all of them made sense there was one that resonated with me the most, this one idea is why I wanted to write this blog today (for the other 6, I highly recommend getting the book).

1 Great Person = 3 Good People

The idea behind this is that conscious capitalism (a business model that takes really good care of its people) can only work if you hire great people. And that you would be best served to take your time during the hiring process and then the training process to make sure you only hire great people. Here are more takeaways:

- One great employee can easily generate seven to eight times the productivity of the merely good employee

-You can have a company that places a high premium on love and compassion while still not settling for anything less than the best

-You have to be secure enough to hire people better than you

We are currently in the process of hiring new drivers at J&J and although it can be tempting to hire just for the sake of filling a position we are really trying to hire based on creating a dream team. Because quite frankly we already have some MVPs, one MVP in particular is Ashley, who I would like to say a public thank you to here.

I get a lot of credit for things primarily because I do the fun stuff that people see (the blog, the website, the soon to be online store) but all of that would be for nothing without Ashley. Ashley is the one who makes sure the computers work, that the new system is implemented, that our machines are going to be FDA compliant by December 1st. Ashley is our 3:100, and she is certainly better than me.

Ashley, you are my sanity, you are the girl on fire :) Happy 10 years! #latepost

Ashley being recognized for her 10 years at J&J at this year's Movie Under the Stars

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