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Introducing: MMN (Micro Market News)

When I first started at J&J I was hired out of pity more than anything. The plans I had set for after graduation fell through and when I needed an income my parents offered me a gig at J&J.

All that to say I was a journalist major fresh out of college, in a vending world where I was supposed to sell. There were no quotas to meet, no hard deadlines, just a general direction to sell.

I had no idea what to do but armed with a desire to fill my work day, a belief that I needed something to handout on sales calls, a basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and a total fear of going on those sales calls I distracted myself my making monthly newsletters.

Here's a look inside one newsletter that survived the passage of time:

Six years later a lot has changed. We now offer micro market and pantry services, our vending machines are managed in the cloud, our warehouse is organized wit Lightspeed and our coffee invoices are no longer made by hand in excel.

Needless to say I don't have to make up work anymore but I still love making the news.

Lucky for me, our micro market customers have been asking for weekly updates on new items in the markets. So here, brought to you with the power of instead of Adobe Illustrator are this month's MMN (Micro Market News) blurbs.

If your a micro market customer and would like to email these to your employees once a week (preferably) or once a month, you can click on the images below to download.


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