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What You Eat Matters

The first Tuesday of every month we have a safety meeting with our crew where we go over new procedures/polices, discuss safety (in all types of forms) and have a family meal together.

This month we're focusing on eating better, snacking wiser. With so many yummy treats at our disposal we want our crew to start making better for their body choices, not only so that they can have richer lives outside of J&J but also (selfishly) so that why they are on the clock their bodies are fully capable to do the work that this very physical job requires.

All of the tips seen below were taken from January/February 2017 edition of Women's Health Magazine.

Some other interesting studies cited in the magazine included research that showed:

-Eating fish can add 2 years to your life

-Using your gym membership can add 4.4 years to your life

-Getting 7 hours of sleep can add 3 years to your life

This is just the tip of the iceberg. For more ways on how to prolong your life and enhance the quality take a look below and/or grab a copy of Woman's Health before the March edition hits the shelves.

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