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Electrical Outages

It's no secret that California has been hit with some strong weather, strong that is for California. We're having mudslides, flash floods, fallen trees and power outages the way we used to have 75 and sunny.

That said I wasn't overly surprised when a driver called to say the power was out at one of our markets.

I was annoyed that that meant I would be filling up my car with ice chests, dry ice and a hand cart on a day that I was supposed to have a stay in and catch up at my desk day. The kind of day where I KNEW I wouldn't see any customers so I felt 100% confident in yoga pants and sneakers as my attire of choice.

Half way through emptying the freezer I realized this could be a great opportunity to revamp their frozen food menu. When I got to the last row and saw there was melted but frozen ice cream on the bottom of the freezer I thought, "hey this is a great opportunity to get that clean, since it won't be frozen for much longer."

The point is this: days (at least for me) go very rarely as planned and I could spend an entire lifetime annoyed that I didn't get to follow a timeline that was important to no one other than myself or I could look for the new opportunities that each electrical outage brings. I could embrace the unexpected as if I had chosen it in the first place or I could stomp my feet and pout the whole way. Either way the freezer is going to need emptied.

My encouragement to you today is that you'll learn to embrace the power outages of your own life, (whether that's an actual power outage or some other unforeseen event). You may get slightly off course along the way but you can always course correct and most likely whatever you have on your to do list can wait until then.

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