Making A Movie

"The best way to learn how to make a movie, is to make a move."

I first heard this sentiment, or something similar to this sentiment, a few months ago while listening to an interview (with who or on what medium I don't remember).

But I liked it. And even those the exact quote didn't stick, the idea did.

I've wanted an online store for a couple of years now but the task always seemed too overwhelming. I tried everything I could think of to push past my insecurity hurdles:

  • I outsourced the project: thinking if I paid someone to do this with me I would have to remain on task

  • I announced to customers that an online store was "coming soon," hoping that I could speak it into being and that if customers were expecting it I would have to stay on top of it

  • When outsourcing fell through I announced at staff meetings that I would be taking on the completion of the project - again believing the faulty logic that I could speak it into being.

But none of my mind hacks worked until I heard this quote.

I wasn't born knowing how to create an online store anymore than George Lucas was born knowing how to make films.

When things got hard (i.e I was on hold with support for an hour) I would doodle in my notebook "good things take time" and reread a quote I have on my desk: "how can I use my time today in a way that makes tomorrow better?"

And guess what?!

It worked!

We officially have an online store! There's still a lot more to do and a lot more to learn but at last there is a place where customers can easily view the products we offer.

And guess what else?

It wasn't nearly as hard as I built it up to be. It was time consuming, but easy! I procrastinated for years on something that only took a few weeks to finish once I really put my mind to it.

The point?

1. Check out the online store! There are still more products being uploaded but this will give you a good ideas as to what we offer in our various services. Please note: Unless you are a customer of J&J you won't be approved for an account. You can however still see all of the product.

2. If you have something you've been procrastinating on/dreaming of but keep talking yourself out of it, overwhelmed at it's size, I encourage you (in the words of Nike) to Just Do It! Because (in the words of Toms) "the first step to starting the journey is simply to put on your shoes."

Take one small step in the direction of your goals today and then another tomorrow. If you do, you'll get where you're going sooner than you think and certainly faster than if you had never started at all. Don't waste any more years afraid of the unknown.

A special thank you to:

Yasmin - For handling the uploading of all the nutritional information

Stacey - For getting the ball rolling

Volusion - For their awesome support

Josh - For helping take beautiful photos of the product

Ashley, Brenda & Joel - For handling business so that I can do things like this.

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