Think. Don't Cry.

I believe attention to detail matters which is why I found myself driving to the Container Store Tuesday night after yoga.

The nearest Container Store is in Walnut Creek, a 30 minute drive on a Tuesday night at 8pm. I needed the Container Store because they are the only ones who carry a particular plastic bin that I use to organize things like hard boiled eggs, string cheese and hummus in our pantry and market coolers.

I had two micro markets launching on Wednesday and no plastic bins so I was Container Store bound.

I drove the 30 minutes, parked the car and turned around to grab my purse but the purse I was expecting to grab wasn’t there.

There would be no reason for it to be.

I made the decision to go to the Container Store after I was done with yoga. The only problem I failed to realize is that I very rarely take my purse to the studio with me. My studio is only a 5 minute drive from the apartment and because I have a membership I have no need to make a purchase while there.

My launch was too early the next morning so there would be no time to come back. Rather than admit defeat I did what any reasonable person would do and walked in to the store sans purse. I think this is a good time to mention that I believe I am the Container Store’s favorite customer, or rather I believe I should be. I read Uncontainable, I believe in their 3 good people = 1 great person philosophy, I’m a POP member and simply put because I love them I think they should love me. I walked in with this belief.

Nicole, one of the Container Store’s great people was at the front register with a counterpart. I told the ladies my predicament and I asked if I could pay by giving them my credit card number.


Okay, fair. Can I place an online order for pickup and come “pick it up” right now.

No. Usually you could but we are too short handed to have someone pick and scan the product through the system right now.

Okay, but you don’t need anyone to pick it. I’ll pick it and bring it to the counter. You can scan.

Sorry that won’t work.

But it has too. I read Uncontainable. I believe in the Container Store. I believe in the 3=1 philosophy and Nicole, because you’re great I KNOW we can figure this out.

Nicole asked her counterpart to go ask a woman (who I presume to be a manager) if there is anything they can do to help.

The answer was still no.

I left, feeling defeated. On the way to the car I stopped outside of the store and trying not to cry I kept repeating “Think. Don’t Cry. Think. Don’t Cry.”

At that moment outside of The Container Store I realized something that maybe many of you would have already thought of…

I have Apple Pay! And I never leave home without my phone!

I walked back in, asked if they took Apple Pay, they of course said yes and I was able to complete my purchase and go home without wasting too much valuable time.

The point of all of this is that I never wanted Apple Pay. My phone automatically synced my primary credit card a few weeks ago and I was livid.

I’ve spoken on panels (okay panel) promoting Apple/mobile pay and J&J is actively transitioning all of our machines to be 100% mobile pay compatible. I’m a millennial and by all accounts I should have adopted mobile pay much sooner than I did, but I didn’t.

Now that I have, I think it’s the coolest, most convenient way to pay EVER! I celebrated that night by buying a tall Pike from Starbucks with MY PHONE and sent a text message to my co-worker/friend Ashley saying “I can’t believe our machines are so cool they can take Apple Pay!”

So maybe the real point is this: I didn’t want to use Apple Pay because I didn’t really understand it. I was afraid to use it because I didn’t feel safe with it. And now that I understand I never want to take my wallet anywhere (sorry Kate Spade). I wish I had made the jump to mobile pay willingly, that I hadn’t dug my heels in on something that was actually beneficial to me.

Apple/mobile Pay may not be the right call for you and that’s okay. But if there is something you’ve been putting off learning/embracing because you’re intimidated by it, I encourage you to press forward. I used to get mad when I saw my Southwest Card on my phone and now it makes me smile. It’s nice to know that wherever I go I have a way to take care of myself.

Knowledge is power so embrace whatever it is you fear now, so that when you are at your own life’s version of the Container Store you’re capable of “paying.”

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