Scared of Entitlement

In the last chapter of his book, Take the Stairs, Rory Vaden says, “that people who are struggling with inaction or procrastination invariably have one of the following three deep-rooted attitudes:

  • Fear: “I’m scared to do it.”

  • Entitlement: “I shouldn’t have to do it.”

  • Perfectionism: “I won’t try to do it if I can’t do it right.”

I’ve been writing about fear a lot lately: overcoming it, acting in spite of it; I figured this must mean that I have some fear to overcome. And I’ve always dealt with a perfectionism handicap. With two out of three nailed I was pretty convinced that I didn’t suffer from an entitlement issue, so much so in fact that I was going to skip that section all together (the only reason I didn’t is because if I skip sections I feel like I can’t truthfully say I read a book).

I kind of wish I did skip it because I didn’t feel great about myself after reading it.


Because I would have never used the word entitled to describe myself until I read it.

This may be because I have an inflated sense of self-ego but it’s also because I’ve always considered myself a hard worker. I’m often-ish a relief driver for our routes, it’s not uncommon to find me at my laptop after hours working on reports or a new page for the website, and I’ve never expected anyone to buy me anything or to pay my bills.

But all the same maybe I am entitled because according to Vaden, to be entitled is to believe that we somehow deserve a life that is easier; it’s a someone else life.

We expect someone else to:

  • Work the long hours for us

  • Teach us

  • Solve our problems

  • Get us out of debt

  • Pay for our retirement

  • Take care of our kids

  • Make us feel good about ourselves

  • Give us what we want

I bolded the two points above that I feel most entitled in lately. Although I don’t have kids I do have a dog that spends more time at his grandparent’s house than at my apartment. And today when I left work after 10 hours instead of 8 I had one big hissy fit and then was pretty embarrassed to see that our route supervisor (who started before me) was still on a route.

I have no motivational end here. I’m struggling today with finding balance and so I guess I’m wondering if anyone out there is struggling too?

When is it okay to go home (and not feel guilty that all you want to do is blog, make a smoothie and meet your new husband at the park) and leave others behind to do the work? When are you supposed to stay?

In true entitlement fashion I’m writing this blog in hopes that one of you will either help me feel better, teach me your secrets or solve my problem.

If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them or if you want to share what you’re struggling with this Monday I’m all ears.

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