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We're Adapting

When we booked an outdoor wedding venue for the middle of July in Templeton, CA, we knew that it could get hot but we were hopeful that the AccuWeather forecast of 85 degrees would prove accurate.

It did not.

Getting married at a vineyard we naturally planned on having our first look photos surrounded amongst the vines. When the weather climbed to 110 degrees our photographer very wisely made the call to stay inside.

Since getting back from our honeymoon I’ve been having a rough time. Although I had planned on being in a slump I thought I would be in it for another reason.

Everyone warned that after the wedding I might get a little depressed, that the lack of wedding planning would leave a void in my life. I was anticipating that. What I wasn’t anticipating was 12-15 hour work days trying to keep up with a growing business and a shorthanded staff. I’ve been on a route more than I’ve been in the office and to be honest I’ve been doing a pretty good job of throwing myself a pity party.

Sidenote: it’s not that I mind route work (sometimes it’s even fun) I just hate 4am alarm clocks and feeling continually behind in my “real” job.

That said, a Tuesday night yoga class was just what I needed this week. Katie, my favorite instructor, leads Tuesday nights, so even though I should have been winding down for the evening, packing a lunch and setting my coffee pot I decided to go to the mat instead.

I’m really glad I did.

The focus of the class was adaption, accepting that sometimes things don’t go the way that we planned; maybe you get news you didn’t want, maybe you’re waking up at 4am instead of 6am, maybe what you thought would be a quick sprint to a goal would end up being a marathon.

Although we can’t always control our circumstance we can choose our attitude. We can choose to adapt our minds and choose to be happy instead of miserable along the journey.

I haven’t done a great job of adapting; instead I’ve done a pretty stellar job at wallowing which is why I was looking at our wedding photos again tonight (looking at them brings me instant joy).

I love our first look photos for a few reasons:

  1. I was touched by Ryan’s emotion and the way our amazing photographers captured the moment

  2. I really loved our room at the venue. It was spacious and beautiful with a balcony overlooking the vineyard and arguably bigger than our entire apartment in the Bay. In just a few days there we laughed, we cried and we fought there. I feel like that room has a piece of us and it’s nice to have it preserved in photos.

  3. To me it’s a reminder that I can adapt. Life is not always going to be a pleasant stroll through vineyards. Sometimes it’s going to be hotter than hell and sometimes it may feel like you’re walking through it but the end result can still be beautiful.

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