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TVD001 - Ryan Calderon on Cooking, Yosemite & Meeting the Vendor's Daugther

Well it's official...I'm starting a podcast!!

I'll get into why in the official first episode but for now all that really matters is I have an AMAZING husband who is helping me make my dream a reality.

He volunteered as tribute and let me interview him as microphone practice. That said I apologize in advance because there are going to be moments where it's really hard to hear him while at the same time the volume of my laughter will be almost deafening.

Hoping practice will make perfect but in the meantime very much enjoying the journey.

In this episode you'll learn:

- how Ryan first got in to cooking

- what his current kitchen projects are (hint: carbs and coffee)

- what he did in Yosemite while he lived and worked there for 3 years

- how we met

We'll also cover:

-our love for Pampas Cafe

-our desire to reclaim the Ahwahnee as the Ahwahnee and not the Majestic Yosemite Hotel

-our need to go back to XOLO, the taqueria where we had our first date

Hope you enjoy! You can listen through the link below and OR you can find us on itunes: just search "The Vendor's Daughter"

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