TVD002 - Joel & Brenda Skidmore on 38 Years of Marriage, Working with Your Spouse & Family B

In this episode my parents share what it's been like to be married for thirty-eight years and to have spent a majority of that time growing a business while raising a family.

My dad will make reference to two movies:

American Grafitti


As well as to one organization:

CAVC - The California Automatic Vendor's Council. An organization my dad was once President of and that I currently serve on the board for.

My mom opens up about what it's like to be a spouse of a business owner when you yourself do not work directly for the company.

And in a brief break I go over a business stage called White Water. All that I share on the topic of White Water I learned from listening to Episode #43 of The Building a Story Brand Podcast when Donald Miller interviews David McKeown (a name that I butcher in many different ways throughout this segment) on his book Predictable Success.

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