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TVD003: Home Brew, Good Food & Work/Life Balance as a Single Dad with Aaron Kidd

In episode 3 of The Vendor's Daughter (the podcast) we interview Aaron Kidd, one of Ryan's closest friends, a great cook and a single dad of two kids.

Throughout the interview we cover a large variety of topics including:

- home brew

- Aaron's love for cooking

- barrel aging cocktails

- the meals that were a byproduct of growing up with two traditional grandmothers

- living in Roswell New Mexico and whether or not Aliens are real

- tips for work life balance (i.e turning off those phone notifications when you aren't on the clock)

- How leaving San Diego and moving to Santa Rosa started a journey that changed the trajectory of his life

What I love most about Aaron's story is his willingness to go and his ability to seize an opportunity when he sees it. He knew he needed a change so he left San Diego and moved to Santa Rosa. In Santa Rosa he meets the woman who would become the mother of his two children and accepts a job answering phones for the same company he still works for today, 17 years later.

When he finds out he's going to become a dad he knows he needs to make more money so he boldly asks his employer to move him to a different position, which then leads him to living in Roswell, New Mexico, then the LA Basin and then to Castro Valley where he reconnected with Ryan.

What I think we can all learn from Aaron is that if you have a tugging on your heart to make a change, don't be afraid to follow that nudge. And if a long the way you need to make a few more changes don't be afraid to ask for what you want/need (like a promotion or a higher salary).

Aaron could have easily pursued a job with another company but instead of excepting the "fact" that he only had two options:

1. stay in his current position and not make enough money or

2. leave his employer for another career that paid more

he created a third option and seized an opportunity rather than backing down from a challenge.

Hope you enjoy listening.

Scroll down for recipes from this episode as well as some links to places/beer we highly recommend you try if you're ever in the area.

Barrel Aged Manhattan

2 Cups Sweet Vermouth

1 Cup Amaro

4 Cups Rye Whiskey

4 Splashes of Angostura Bitters

Makes to your taste. Ryan said the above is how he likes it but he highly recommends you sample and add/take away based on your personal preferences.

You can find and personalize your own barrel at

The photos above and all of the photos in this blog were taken by The Shalom Imaginative on our wedding day.

Ham Sauce:

-Canned Pineapple

-Canned Mandarin Oranges



-Copperhead Recipe Aaron Followed to Brew The Beer He was Drinking

- Pliny the Elder (made by Russian River Brewing Company, Santa Rosa CA)

-Stickee Monkee (made by Firestone Walker Brewing Company)

-Wolf Pup (made by Golden Road Brewing)

Places We Like To Go:

-Cowgirl Creamery at the Ferry Building (San Francisco)

-Lake Chabot Public Market (Castro Valley)

-Pampas Cafe (Castro Valley)

In this episode I also share more of what I've been learning on Predictable Success. You can learn more about Predictable Success and how you can achieve it for your business by visiting

Listen to Episode 3 below or subscribe on itunes.

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