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TVD004: Working Abroad, Supporting Community Change, Starting a Cafe & Prioritizing Family with

In the 4th episode of the Vendor's Daughter the Podcast, we interview Shannon & Pablo Killebrew, the owners of Pampas Cafe in Castro Valley, CA.

Shannon & Pablo share how they met, what it's been like working together for 20 years, how they are working to support community change in the city where they work and live and how they continue to prioritize family through it all.

I loved this interview and this couple for many reasons:

1. The Killebrews openly share about the negative business experience they had while living in Argentina

2. They boldly set out to create a new business and took a chance on offering two items that don't typically go together (empanadas and coffee) in a city that some argued wouldn't be ready for any type of change

3. They understand the importance of taking care of both your customers and your employees.

4. Despite their busy schedules Shannon & Pablo make time for what matters most, not only making their family their number one priority but also taking the time to help make their community stronger.

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I do! Shannon & Pablo, thank you for making the time to do this!

You can find more information on Pampas Cafe on Yelp

And if you'd like to get more involved with what's going on in Castro Valley, CA there are a few links below to help you get started.

Daughtrey Project

Join the September 14th Meeting To Discuss the Daughtrey Project

Smalltown Society

22222 Redwood Road, Castro Valley CA

Castro Valley Matters

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