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TVD #005: Why I Started The Vendor's Daughter (the podcast) & Accepting Imperfection with Je

In this episode I share why I started The Vendor's Daughter (the podcast).

In short, it's because I've been jealous of other people's podcasts for awhile.

I used to think that jealousy was a bad thing but then I heard (on one of the podcasts I was jealous of) that jealousy wasn't a bad thing. Instead we should use that feeling as an arrow pointing us in the direction of the things we want for our own life.

In addition to following that arrow created by jealousy I also thought it would be a great opportunity to make myself take time to connect with people.


Disclaimer: We're only 5 weeks in and although I love it, it's also becoming another tool for me to measure my self worth.

For example, when I didn't have an interview ready to go this week I immediately started being mean to myself.

If I was more organized, more planned, if I were different, then everything I did would be better.

At the end of this episode I share that I hope you don't let the idea of being perfect keep you from starting whatever dream you have on your heart to start. I'd like to add to that here and say that if you do start to pursue that dream, when your ducks get out of their rows, be kind to yourself.

This journey is supposed to be fun.


Places Mentioned in This Episode:

Boot & Show Service (my favorite coffee shop)

Podcasts Mentioned in This Episode:

The School of Greatness

The Jess Lively Show

Building A StoryBrand

The Good Life Project

You can listen to the full episode by searching "The Vendor's Daughter" on itunes or by clicking on the file below.

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