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Build Your Own Central Park

Lately I find myself thinking a lot about space:

  • Wanting to own a home with more space than our apartment

  • Wanting to own a home with land and space from our neighbors

  • Craving more space in my day for the things that I enjoy and not just the things I have said “yes” to without thinking about whether or not I REALLY want to do them

Saturday morning made me think again about space but in a different way.

On Saturday morning we planted a tree in memorial of a dear friend’s dad. I say “we” but what I really mean is Ryan planted a tree and I kept him company.

After the hole was dug and the tree was placed in position it was time to refill the hole. We created a mixture of the dirt that had been dug out and the nutrient rich soil we purchased from the nursey but we also replaced the sod that had been discarded.

I thought the only reason to include the sod was to make it look pretty but it turns out that was only part of the reason why.

As we placed the sod back-ish from where we got it, Ryan explained that it was important to decide what you wanted placed around the tree; it was important to place the sod back because if we weren’t intentional than anything (i.e. weeds) would grow where we wanted grass.

It made me think about what I wanted in my life. What do I need to intentionally dig up and what do I want to grow? And maybe, just as importantly, if not more so, what do I not want to grow?

I’m still answering that question but I can’t help but come back to the idea of space.

On Monday’s episode of Building a StoryBrand, Al Andrews shares 10 powerful things people can do to not screw up their lives. The first thing was to create space, or as Al put it, to “Create Your Own Central Park.”

What he meant was that in order to be successful as a leader, and I would argue as a person, you need to create space for yourself to do the things you love and spend time for the people you love (including yourself).

He goes on to say that “you have to be intentional to create it, or that space fills up with unnecessary things.”

As I’m looking at what this means for my life, I hope you’ll do the same. I hope you’ll take time to create space and design the life you want and not the one that grew out of weeds.

On Saturday, the memorial for Ralph Hawkins, was standing room only as family and community members came to celebrate a life well lived. To me, that’s a pretty good sign that Mr. Hawkins knew what it meant to choose wisely, to grow a life of necessary things.

Click here to listen to the full episode of Building a StoryBrand Episode #64 with Al Andrews

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