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TVD #008: Growing with a Family Business, Surrounding Yourself with Quality People & Being a

On this week's episode of The Vendor's Daughter we interview Ashley Karpan on what it's been like working for J&J Vending for 11 years!

Ashley started at J&J Vending answering phones and counting the route collections. She now is our Operations Manager and touches pretty much every aspect of our business.

In her interview we'll cover everything from what it's been like to grow with the business to why it's important to surround yourself with quality people.

We'll also cover things like Punk Rock cruises, her very decorated cubicle and Legends of the Hidden Temple.

To listen to full episode listen on itunes or stitcher:

Other notables:


In addition to its great look, marketing and sway this drink is DELICIOUS! To learn more about this sports drink/energy drink combo click on the photo below or ask J&J Vending for samples.

Photo cred goes to Liz Nemeth. To view more of Liz' work visit

Goat Yoga

After some quick research I've learned that goat yoga is not only a real thing but it also is meant to have the same therapeutic results as walking your dog. Why? Because you're 1. getting out in nature and 2. bonding with an animal.

To learn more click here

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