TVD #009: Working with Your Siblings, Having a Common Goal & The Gift of Hospitality with The Ga

I met the Galant family on a Friday. The following Monday I found myself on a tour of their immaculate factory and then out to lunch.

I was supposed to interview them and then let them back to their busy schedules but Len insisted we eat together first.

I’m really glad he did for a few reasons:

  1. Because I am a big breakfast fan

  2. Because it was really nice to get to know them a little bit off mic

Over bacon and sourdough toast I asked them questions (some of which we go over on the podcast) about being in the business. However, more intriguing than the answers they gave me, were the questions they asked me.

There are some things that will remain between us and the meal we shared but there were two questions that I think it’s important to share:

Josh asked if J&J Vending, my family’s business, had ever gone through hardships.

The answer: yes. The most notable was when we almost had to declare bankruptcy due to an employee’s embezzlement. Like the Galant family we know what it’s like to fight back even when everyone says you should give up.

Arielle asked if I ever considered quitting.

The answer: I laughed and said “only every day.”

If you’re in this industry there is a REALLY good chance you too are in a family business. There is a really good chance that you’ve been through some financial hardships in pursuit of your dream and (if you’re honest) there’s an even bigger chance that you’ve thought about leaving it all behind.

The Galants and I are here to tell you it’s okay; it’s okay to be tired, it’s okay to want to give up, it’s even okay to shut the doors and pursue something else. But there’s also something beautiful about staying, about overcoming.

Henry David Thoreau once said, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” I’d like to change that and say “Go wobbling, shaking, terrified and uncertain in the direction of your dreams, to live the life you’ve imagined. Just don’t forget where you came from because in the words of Len Galant, “you can’t know your future, if you don’t know your past.”

Notes From the Show

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Ryan and I talk about the Piroshky, Piroshky, in Seattle's Pike Place Market

Here are the adorable photos of Josh working in the Galant's former San Francisco location:

More Photos from The Tour I Was Taken On (p.s. I saved the cutest for last, a fan letter from a young fan):

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