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TVD #010: Gratitude, Using Grit to Run Your Business & Defining Success with Garrett Lamb

I feel like gratitude is trending these days. And not just because of the season.

It’s probably because the older I get the more I love to read self-help books over fiction and because the deeper I get into yoga the more I become aware of a world I didn’t know existed (i.e when I joined Kappa Kappa Gamma in college, I started to notice owls, one of our symbols, EVERYWHERE).

All of that said, during our interview with Garret of Garrett’s Granola I was reminded again this season of how important gratitude for the things and the people in our lives is.

Having a bad day? Feeling grumpy? Take a few minutes and think of the things you are grateful for. It’s a well proven way of instantly uplifting your spirits.

These are the things we talked about with Garrett, who was a life coach before he started his own granola company in San Francisco, California, the mecca for both life coaches and granola.

In the podcast we discuss:

  • The importance of erasing the word “should” from your vocabulary

  • The different ways you can define success

  • Managing your time as a self-employed entrepreneur (the good and the bad)

  • The importance of being persistent and having grit when it comes to getting your company off the ground or your granola into stores

  • The idea that business is all about relationships

  • The importance of work/life balance: do what you can each day and then let it go

We also mention some great companies that Garrett is associated with including:

  • Baycat – the nonprofit his fiancé works with, that exists to end inequality and racism through powerful storytelling

  • Soujorn Box – a gift box company that gives you a taste of a location that may be 2000 miles away (Garrett’s Granola is featured in the San Francisco box)

  • Indiegogo – The crowd fund website that Garrett used to get his company off the ground

  • That Donut Girl – an artisan donut company that puts Garrett’s Granola on some of their donuts. You can book That Donut Girl for special events

  • Coaches Training Institute – Where Garrett did his life coach training

Also worth noting:

  • Garrett has an AMAZING roof top view. I tried to reference a Reese Witherspoon movie during our conversation and couldn’t remember the name. The movie is “Just Like Heaven.”

  • Watch documentary, Happy

  • Go to and get 20% off your order of 3 or more bags of granola when you enter Promocode: Podcast

  • Music from this episode by Eclipse. Click image below to be taken to Spotify channel

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