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TVD #011 Reducing Food Waste & Building Something That Matters with Grant Carlson, CEO of Ugly J

Grant Carlson, 26 year-old CEO of Ugly Juice, gave us some of his time to talk about the mission of his company (to reduce food waste, help people live a healthier lifestyle and draw awareness to the flaws in America's foods system).

According to Grant, 40% of produce grown in the US will go to waste. It either won't make it off the farm or will be considered too ugly (i.e too big, too small, too strange) to be sold in the grocery stores. Although the produce might not look perfect it still has the same nutritional value as any other produce sold in the store.

Here's an example of some of the ugly fruit that was saved by Ugly Juice taken from their instagram feed @drinkuglyjuice:

In addition to sharing his own background story and the mission of Ugly Juice Grant also touches on subjects like why it's important to:

-include employees at all levels of a start up in the decisions of the company. Grant believes if you treat people like their voice matters they will share their ideas more regularly and everyone wins

-hire people who share the same vision as your bootstrap business. If employees are more interested in making money there are plenty of places to do that. You want people who are passionate about the problem the company was created to solve

-hire all ages. Although Ugly Juice's current staff is comprised of Millennials, Grant speaks passionately about the need to hire all ages in the work space so that company can benefit from the shared experiences of all

Want to learn more about their mission or better yet, want to order some juice for your next meeting? Visit or follow them on instagram @drinkuglyjuice.

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Music from today's episode by Solace. You can find their Eclipse EP on Spotify today!

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