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A Million Thank Yous Would Not be Enough

Dear Friends & Family,

Thank you cards from our wedding are FINALLY in the mail. I'm sorry they took so long to get to you, I'm also sorry to say that because I waited so long to write them and because we recently moved I'm having a hard time finding my list of who to thank properly for which gift.

All of that to say if you find yourself in a place where you 1. don't receive a thank you note or 2. don't receive the correct thank you note please know that you are dearly loved and that I am seriously flawed when it comes to proper organization.

When I look back on our wedding day and as I look at the photos that I'm about to post now I can't help but get overcome with gratitude to the point of tears.

We could never thank you enough for traveling, for withstanding the heat, for working your tails off to make sure everything was in its place, for the gifts you sent and the time you gave, and for the joy you brought to the day.

We love you all!

A special thank you to:

The men who helped Ryan get ready and who continue to stand by his side. And to the women who helped me get ready. I love you more than you'll ever know.

To the friend who crushed it as our officiant!

To our parents who have supported us with their time, talent and finances from day one and who are beautiful examples of what devoted, loving marriages look like.

To everyone who helped set up, move tables or pack it all up when it was time to go.

To ALL OF YOU for braving the heat! And for joining in on the fun!

We hope you enjoy these photos from the dance floor and reception as much as we do!

All photos taken by our AMAZING photographers, The Shalom Imaginative

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