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What Does Your Schedule Say About You?

What does your calendar say about you?

Two podcasts and one book have me asking this question.

Podcast #1

To be truthful I don’t remember the name of the first podcast or who the interviewee was but I do remember (ish) what the gentlemen said. It went something like this,

“You can’t say you value follow-thru and then always schedule back to back meetings five days a week and you can’t say you value family time and then consistently schedule business dinners during family dinner.”

The idea being that if you value something you schedule it in and you keep the schedule as best you can. In other words if you value follow-thru than your schedule should have times purposefully blocked out after meetings to follow up with customers. And if you value family time you won’t double book your work appointments during key family moments.

Podcast #2

The second podcast was Episode #205 of Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield. In this episode Amy interviews Rachel Hollis, author of “Girl Wash Your Face.” In the episode Rachel discusses 3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts for entrepreneurs in the making.

Her third “Do” was this: “Choose to make the time.” The idea being that no one else is going to make time for you to pursue your dreams. Only you can do that.

It may mean getting up earlier, giving up your favorite TV show or making a number of other sacrifices but if it’s something you really want you’ll make the time. Rachel’s big question was this:

“If your calendar was audited, would it reflect your priorities?”


The book was #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso but the particular quote came from Alexi Wasser, Founder of IMBOYCRAZY.COM.

Alexi writes, “When you’re freelance, like I am, if you don’t build structure for yourself, you feel like you always have to be working and it’s exhausting. I think this is a constant struggle for every freelance career girl. Make a schedule for yourself that incorporates time for phone calls to catch up with your annoying family and friends, sex with your boyfriend, exercise, dinners, therapy, parties, texting, social networking, mani-pedis, shopping and the work that’s going to get you paid to maintain the lifestyle you so desire. Create boundaries and structure! You have to be your own parent!”


As an entrepreneur and/or business owner, you have flexibility and freedom in your schedule but you also have a lot of competing demands for your time and attention. I love this idea of scheduling the things you love and not just leaving them to chance.

At first it seemed unromantic to me to have to schedule in quality time with Ryan or texting but the more I’ve thought about it the more romantic it seems to say, out of all the ways I could spend my time today, this week, this month, I’m purposefully scheduling you in first. It doesn’t mean I can’t text outside of allotted hours or go to dinner on a whim, it just means no matter how busy life gets my first attentions will go to the things and to the people that matter most, both personally and professionally.

What does your schedule say about your priorities? What are the things you love that you can schedule in?

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