Having the Right Tools

Last weekend was our niece's 2nd birthday party. The theme was Minnie Mouse.

I volunteered to make the rice krispy treats and Pin the Bow on Minnie.

I new what I wanted to do for the rice krispy treats and I already had the bows printed, colored and and laminated but I had no idea how I was going to cut out the Minnie Mouse head.

The Thursday night before we had to leave, I was getting ready to free hand a giant circle (knowing it would be disastrous) when my mom suggested I use her gigantic wedding cake pans (one of the many perks of having a professional baker for a mom).

They fit perfectly! I thanked her a million times for saving me from myself and for making a project I was dreading so easy. She accepted my thank yous and then shrugged and said "you just needed the right tools."


A couple of weeks ago I was getting ready to call the world of blogging quits. Truthfully, some days it just seems like a waste of time. I was waiting to board a plane from Florida to Oakland, thinking these thoughts when a text from a friend came through. She is getting ready to pursue her dream as a photographer and among other things mentioned that watching me follow my dream had helped inspire her to follow hers.

That same day I got another text from another friend who was looking to start her blog's Instragram page. She had a few questions on how she should tag a brand.

These friends who thought they were texting me for a favor actually gave me the greatest gift possible; they gave me confidence to keep pursuing this crazy adventure.


I'm hoping that as I continue to grow this thing I might be able to help other's on their journey. I don't know a lot but what I do learn I promise to share along the way.

Here's a quick look at my favorite apps for blogging (or really using Instagram to promote your blog).

Just click on the image for the full PDF!

Thank you Mom, Shelby and Shannon for being there when I needed you!

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