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Having a Mission & a Vision

I’ve been learning more and more about the importance of having a mission and a vision for your company. From what I’ve gathered both help an organization and the employees who work within that organization have a clear understanding of why they do what they do and where they’re going.

Having both of these things should help:

  • Make it easier to say yes and no to new opportunities – do the opportunities presented help your vision or do they derail it?

  • Employees feel a sense of ownership when situations arrive at work – did the way they handled that disgruntled customer fall in line with the overall mission of the company?

  • Keep employees and owners motivated towards the finished line – this one is my most favorite because I don’t like working without purpose in the same way I only go on a run if I know my end destination.

  • Keep employees and owners feeling like they are part of a bigger team – if everyone is focused on the same goal it can feel must more rewarding than a single victory

So What is A Mission Statement:

A mission statement should answer the following questions:

  • What is our organization’s purpose

  • Why does our organization exist

A mission statement should also serve to communicate direction and purpose to employees and customers.

In other words your mission statement should define your organizations why and how.

Here is the mission statement I created for The Vendor’s Daughter:

Why Does The Vendor’s Daughter Exist?

To tell my story and the stories of other entrepreneurs and family businesses so that we can learn from each other and strengthen each other along the way.

How Will The Vendor’s Daughter Fulfill Its Mission:

  • Engaging instragram posts – with short lessons and inspirations along the way

  • Monday – Meaningful Monday: Share a lesson (ideally business related) with a more in depth blog to back it up

  • Tuesday – Travel Tuesday: Many people want to be entrepreneurs so that they can have the freedom to explore/travel

  • Wednesday – Woman Power Wednesday – highlight a successful woman entrepreneur

  • Thursday – TBT – (temporarily) introduce old blogs from Wordpress Days

  • Friday – Sunday: Free for all or Skip. Instagram is fun but don’t lose yourself in it. It should be used to help drive traffic to your blog and podcast.

  • Meaningful blog posts – honestly share my experiences and what I’m learning both professionally and personally

  • Interesting/relatable podcast guests – guests should be open, honest and willing to share about where they are currently at, how they got there (the highs and lows) and inspire others to keep going

So What is a Vision Statement:

A vision statement should address the questions:

  • What does our future look like?

  • If we were to achieve success, what does success look like?

  • How do we want this to end?

  • What can employees be proud of?

I’m still working on a vision statement for the The Vendor’s Daughter but this is what I have so far:

What will success look like?

A tribe or community of hard working entrepreneurs who encourage each other. An online course. Mortgage paid. A book. Podcast sponsors.

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