3 People You Need to Connect with While Working From Home

As working from home becomes the new normal you may be wondering how you can stay connected or how to make the new normal actually feel normal. If you're having a hard time feeling like this is going to work for you here are some tips taken from an interview with Courtney Ramsey of Courtney Ramsey Speaks

In her interview on The Vendor's Daughter  Courtney shares that there are three people you need to make sure you connect with while working from home: yourself, your team members and your boss. 

Here's how:


It's important that you are in tune with what you need to operate at your best level. Are you an extrovert and working from home is feeling too lonely? Then make sure you schedule more social engagements outside of the home or if you're still sheltering in place than schedule more Zoom happy hours and hangouts. 

As we work from home it's not just the social engagement that's changed which is why it's important to manage your physical space in addition to your emotional state. 

Did you have a stand up desk that you loved at the office but at home you're scrunched up at the kitchen table? Invest in a standing desk. Did you love the natural light that flooded your office but now you're in a dark closet converted to an office? Invest in better lighting and some plants. 

Miss coffee breaks? Order from the roaster that supplies your office with coffee and make sure you still schedule that 10am coffee break. 

Your Team Members

If you like working from home and are loving that you have fewer interruptions, we get it! We love it too! But it's important to remember that being a high performer is about more than completing tasks on time. Make sure you don't forget that people are ultimately why a business matters. Schedule time on the calendar to connect with team members, set a calendar reminder every day to reminder yourself to send a DM/slack, make a call or send a quick something to let a member on your team know that out of sight does not mean out of mind. 

Your Boss

Don't let working from home become a convenient excuse for becoming a wall flower. Courtney suggests that every Monday you send a quick email to your boss letting them know what your team will be working on that week. On Friday, send a quick recap. If your boss doesn't read it, no worries, it'll be there if they need a quick reference in the future. Remember, the goal of any great email campaign isn't only to have a click through rate; it's to gain exposure in an inbox. 

Bonus: When possible, look for authentic ways to connect outside of work topics. You just bought a basil plant and your boss loves to garden? Instead of going to Google maybe reach out to your boss to see how she takes care of her plants and/or what her favorite recipes including Basil are. Make sure you keep it genuine and look for personal ways to connect. 

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