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5 Must Dos as an AirBNB Host

Ryan and I started hosting on AirBNB in October of 2019. We've taken a break with COVID19 but we cannot wait to open up our home again.

At first we were concerned about having strangers in our home but we loved the idea of having our home being a blessing to others (since we bought the house we've known we wanted it to be a place of restoration for ourselves and for others) and we really loved the idea of a little extra cash in the bank account.

I wanted the experience to be perfect for our guests so from the beginning we had:

  • a clean space

  • towels

  • snacks

  • coffee

  • bottled water

  • shampoo, conditioner, soap

After some friends spent the weekend with us they provided some helpful feedback so we added:

  • a chair in the bedroom

  • hangers

  • a towel rack

Here's what I would say are the 5 must offers as an AirBNB host (we do have a perfect 5 star review *brushes shoulder off*

Tip 1 - Make it Comfy

No one wants to sleep on stiff sheets or be too cold/hot during the middle of the night. Invest in some nice sheets (ones you would want to sleep in if you were staying at a nice hotel), put a few light blankets on the bed and then have some extra blankets folded up in the closet. Everyone has a different definition of too hot/too cold so make sure you provide layers that they can peel on or off as desired.

In the same way, provide nice towels. Guests want to feel like they are on vacation, that they are having a unique/premium experience. Leaving someone with a bleached towel makes them feel like they are staying at a Motel 6 not the Ritz.

Tip 2 - Make Them Feel Welcome with Snacks & Bottled Water

A universal bonding experience happens over food (it's why friends gather over meals and one of the reasons why employers encourage snacks at meetings). Makes sure your guests feel welcome by having easy grab n go snacks at their disposal. Prepackaged snacks are great for this, not only are they easy to display/grab but since they come sealed from the manufacturer guests can feel comfortable taking food from a "stranger."

We get all of our snacks from Oh Goodie! a snack box subscription site that sends us a fresh box of prepackaged snacks each month. We love it because not only do we get to enjoy the snacks that come but we get to share and we don't have to make a special trip to the store when we know a guest is coming.

For bottled water we leave enough out for each guest to have a new bottle each day of their stay (i.e 2 guests staying 2 nights get 4 bottles of water).

Tip 3 - Make a Coffee Station

There is nothing in this world that makes me feel the way coffee does. It's comfort and joy and all the good things into one cup. Because we are a house that loves coffee we definitely want our guests to have the option of having a cup before they leave the house for their Austin adventure.

Every time a guest comes we set up a section in the kitchen for their own coffee station. In this station we include: a good ole fashioned Mr Coffee coffee brewer, some paper filters, some filtered water, pre-portioned bags of Philz coffee, already ground and portioned out to make the perfect 12 cups of coffee.

We also get our coffee stash (for our guests) from Oh Goodie!. You can buy your own portion packs here.

Tip 4 - Pay Attention to Bathroom Must Haves

Let's be honest you guys. Bathrooms can be kind of be gross. Make sure yours is not. In addition to being sparkling clean for your guests make sure there is:

  • a trash can

  • a towel rack (we have one hanging over the door)

  • plenty of hand soap

  • extra rolls of toilet paper

  • a clean hand towel

  • extra shampoo, conditioner and body lotion (we have Kirkland bottles available for guests who are staying longer than a weekend but for all of our weekend guests we put out those cute little bottles we grabbed from our last hotel stay)

  • air freshener

Tip 5 - Have a Designated Area to Place a Suitcase and/or Sit Down

This is one of those tips that came from our friends. People don't want to leave their suitcase on the floor so make sure you provide a chair or a suitcase stand. We opted for a chair but one day may place both. (I liked the chair because it gave an option of sitting somewhere other than the bed).

If you have any tips of your own please leave them in the comments below! Would love to know what you're doing as a host or what you've loved as a guest!

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