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Are you in Relationship Shape?

Almost everyone could be in better relationship shape. But if you’re single, you may have the desire to get into shape faster as you’re looking for your partner. If you’re wondering how you are supposed to meet your person, what you need to do to attract your partner, why what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working, then you won’t want to miss this episode where Roy Biancalana shows you how you may need to shift your way of thinking/being to get the results you desire. If you’re married, don’t tune out because Roy will share how these same principles apply to your existing relationship and how you can utilize these tools to deepen your connection and keep your partner.

In Episode 14 of The Vendor’s Daughter, Roy Biancalana, a certified relationship coach, Host of The Attracting Lasting Love Podcast, and #1 bestselling author of three books, shares why many of us (even if we’re married) are asking the wrong questions and ignoring 7 key relationship muscles.

We dig deep into two of these muscles; our relationship to our past and our relationship to feminine/masculine energies in today’s show. To do a deeper dive into all 7, order Roy’s book “Relationship Bootcamp: Hard-core Training for Life, Love and the Pursuit of Intimacy”

In Episode 14 of The Vendor’s Daughter Podcast, Roy and Jen Discuss:

3:00 good vs. great questions to ask as you look to get into relationship shape

7:50 what does it look like to be in relationship shape

8:20 the 7 relationship muscles we need to strengthen

10:45 muscle 1: your relationship to your past and how it may be affecting your present relationships

16:05 muscle 2: your relationship to your feminine energy and mascuine energy

19:50 why it’s harder to be a woman in today’s dating/relationship society than it is to be a man

22:15 the 6 facets of the feminine

23:50 why women need to reclaim their feminine energy

26:00 the dark side of feminine and masculine energies

27:35 how society has lied to us about what it means to be a modern woman and the effects that is having on our health and our happiness

28:35 how to start embodying the feminine energy

36:45 how career woman can switch from the masculine energy of the business world to prepare for date night

42:35 how masculine and feminine energies work in long-term relationships

44:30 the power of feminine intuition

47:20 the problem with shaming healthy masculine energy

Links from Today’s Episode:

Ready to find out what your relationship fitness level is? Take this quick quiz and get your results immediately.

Want more from Roy? You can visit him at and don’t forget to listen to his podcast, The Attracting Lasting Love Podcast for more of his relationship insight and coaching.

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