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Creating Wow Moments - How Something Small Can Make a Big Difference

Do you ever think we make things harder than they have to be? I do!

I've always thought that customer service should mimic the other relationships in our lives. Because at the end of the day customer service is just that, a relationship.

In Episode 68 I share two experiences with big corporations that left me saying "wow" (in a good way). I won't get into the details here, just know that a perfectly timed refill at Chik-Fil-A and a bag of free ice at Central Market, seriously rocked my world, and got me thinking that little things make a big difference.

The episode is all about customer service but what if we took the same concepts and applied them to our personal lives. What if we took some time to create "wow" moments for the people we love.

What would it look like for you to:

1. Think of someone you love right now. Go ahead. Think of them. What do they love? How are they holding up while sheltering in place? What could you do for them that would make them feel loved, to let them know they are special enough to warrant the extra attention. Maybe you could:

- send them a bag of coffee from their favorite coffee shop (the one they can't visit right now but that started online subscription services)

- Amazon them a copy of a book you just finished that you know they'll love

- send them flowers

- write them a thoughtful email telling them why they mean so much

- send a funny gif through text

- create a scavenger hunt around the house

- plan an at home date night

- finally organize the garage like they've been begging you to do

2. If you can't think of something but you know this is the person you want to wow, ask them what you could do for them. I think often times we think we have to come up with ideas on our own in order for them to have meaning (i.e it seems unromantic to have to ask for flowers. But the truth is, if Ryan asks me what he can do to make me happy and I say I would really love flowers. When he shows up with flowers that actually is romantic. It's not what the 90's RomComs are made of but it's what a long lasting happy relationship is made of).

3. Cash is king always, but especially right now. Don't forget to budget and decide what you can you afford to spend before creating that wow moment. And remember, wow moments don't need to be expensive.

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