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6 Keys to Successfully Scaling an Entrepreneurial Business

Jeff Chastain is a creator, a problem solver, and a Professional EOS Implementer, providing Entrepreneurial Business Leaders with the keys to scale their business.

Creators do not believe in “impossible” –they are problem solvers and will find a solution using their creativity and knowledge that spans various areas of expertise. The creator is focused on building solutions that last and doing things right the first time (even if it is a bit more work up front).

Jeff started building at an early age –whether it was massive Lego creations or custom software programs – and he has not stopped since.

After more than 15 years working with business leaders, many of the tools and systems have evolved but he still enjoys seeing a process work efficiently, confidence return to a leadership team, and an organization positioned to scale in a predictable manner.

As a Professional EOS Implementer, Jeff has a passion for helping entrepreneurial business leadership teams get what they want from their business through the use of a set of simple concepts and practical tools.

In Episode 102 of The Vendor's Daughter we talk about:

  • building up sales & marketing, operations and finance all at the same time

  • why clarity is kindness

  • how almost every issue in a business comes back to people

  • the 6 areas of a business you need to focus on to scale

  • getting past the shiny penny syndrome

  • getting everyone on your team on board with the vision

The Vendor's Daughter is available anywhere podcasts stream. Listen on your favorite platform or click below to listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts.

Have you ever wanted to start your own podcast? Download the free guide from The Vendor's Daughter and get started creating your show today!

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