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Ask Why

Today’s interview is with Lance Avery, the Founder of Big Fork, a company specializing in all things pig, specifically Berkshire hogs raised humanely by independent farmers in Iowa.

Lance’s background is chef. Although he spent a little time working white table cloth restaurants he spent most of his career working in research and development for big companies, like Sara Lee. It was while working for Sara Lee that he created a recipe for them to debut at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Fest, in Des Moines Iowa. His recipe was for a bacon, maple, pumpkin cheesecake.

At the first event he estimates there may have been 150 attendees. In the next few years he would watch the event double, triple and quadruple in size. It was then that he realized that there was a large sub culture of bacon lovers and he wanted to submit an entry under his name, not a corporation.

He went to work combining two super meats; the end result? Bacon sausage.

In today's show Lance will share how this recipe ended up changing his life as well as some lessons he's learned along the way like:

  • why you should always ask why

  • friends and family are not great test markets

  • having self-doubt as an entrepreneur is normal

  • don't quit your day job until you absolutely have to

  • why it's important to choose suppliers who align with your personal and professional philosophies

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